Misson statement

Perception is essential for humans to interact effectively with the environment. The sensory processes innovation network connects researchers in the Asia Pacific region (and beyond) who have a common interest in understanding how our perception of the world is influenced by the complex interactions between neural signals generated by different senses. This multisensory understanding of perceptual systems requires an equally multidisciplinary approach to not only increase understanding of sensation and perception, but also to achieve practical outcome for addressing real-world challenges.

Our network aims to address these challenges by bringing together the greatest minds in Psychology, Computer Science, Engineering, Vision Science and Medicine. By integrating within this global research network, we gain the capacity to achieve quality outcomes efficiently and exert positive global influence across multiple disciplines.

If you need any advice or further information about becoming a member, then please send an email to: sensory.processes@gmail.com

18 May 2023: A/Prof Takehiro Nagai arrives at UNSW Sydney to collaborate on material perception research.
01 April 2023: "The perception of translucency from surface gloss" (Vision Research)
17 January 2022: "The Role of Specular Reflections and Illumination in ..." (Frontiers in Psychology)
09 September 2021: New demonstration of display lag using WebXR uploaded (Enabled with Firefox WebXR here)
26 December 2020: "The Effect of Material Properties on the Perceived Shape of [3D] Objects" (i-Perception)
24 November 2020: "Roles of the Retinotopic and Environmental Frames of Reference..." (Frontiers in Virtual Reality)
20 August 2020: "Why people get sick in virtual reality" (UNSW Newsroom media release)
20 May 2020: New Oculus Rift coding tutorial available
21 April 2020: "Vision scientists shine light on hand washing techniques" (Article published in INSIGHT)